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About WorkShop WebSite

WorkShop WebSite is a super simple yet incredibly powerful CMS website built specifically for the cycle workshop operator.

They're great looking, fully responsive, simple to update from any device (even a smartphone) and can contain limitless content.

WorkShop WebSite is produced by Caffeine Injection. Want to know more? Use the link below to visit the Caffeine Injection contact page.

Out Of The Box Features

Out of the box, you get all the elements you need for a professional looking online presence, setting you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Add your content, or we'll add it all for you before deployment, Then as your business grows you can update and add to your website as often as you like, at no charge.


  • Homepage
  • Service Tasks Page
  • Price List
  • Book-in Form
  • About Us Page
  • News/Blog Page
  • Contact



Our quickest and cheapest way to get a great online presence with minimal initial outlay.

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Without a doubt, our most popular package: You give us your content, and we add it to the site.

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If you have no content and no time to produce it, this is for you. We create everything; we add everything, we do EVERYTHING!

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Additional Pages

Need more pages on your website? No problem. Add as many new pages as you like with our "Pages" plugin.

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Latest Client Sites

Sax Velo

Sax Velo first approached us for a simple cost effective bespoke site, but after an initial chat, we soon realised a customised WorkShop WebSite would be the most cost-effective for them.

As well as operating a busy workshop Sax Velo also sell a select range of bikes and accessories, so on top of the usual pages, we also added a self-editable brands page.

we made several other minor changes to the standard install to give the Sax Velo site a bespoke feel.

The site went live May 2017.

Bike Spanner

Bike Spanner is a long-term client; we built their first site in 2013. Recently they've wanted to be able to edit their site themselves, so moved to the WorkShop WebSite platform.

The new Bike Spanner site is heavily customised from the standard install, with many additional pages and features. We are working closely with the client to push the WorkShop WebSite platform in new directions and adding new elements all the time.

The site went live in April 2017.

Available Templates




  • Why WorkShop WebSite?

    The problem with most CMS websites is you're starting with a blank sheet. In theory, this is great, it's what many of the platforms sell themselves on, but the reality is when faced with a blank canvas most can't work out what to do with it.

    If you know what you're doing, have a great eye for design and understand what makes a great website, you'll eventually end up a good looking website. If not, the result will most likely be a poorly laid out hard to navigate website which is likely to put people off.

    Before we hand you the keys to your WorkShop WebSite, we take care of all the design, navigation and layout aspects of the site. We'll even give you guidance on what content you should be adding to your site and where it should go. We'll make sure the end result is something to be proud of, with just the right amount of content in the perfect place.

    With us, you'll end up with something that will drive customers to your door, not leave them dazed and confused.

  • You know the bike trade?

    We certainly do! WorkShop WebSite is a creation of Caffeine Injection, a business that was born out of the bike trade!

    We've been making and managing sites for cycle shops since 2001. Steve, a co-founder of Caffeine Injection used to own a bike shop, but he closed it in 2016 to focus on other projects, including Caffeine Injection.

  • What is a template?

    To keep everyone's costs as low as possible all WorkShop WebSites are based on pre-defined templates. The presently available ones are up there, above this FAQ section.

    Each template has a different look and feel, but they all contain the same basic editable sections.

    You pick the template you like the most, and we'll customise it to match your business colour scheme and branding.

  • What if I don't like any templates?

    We are happy to build you your own unique template, to your exact requirements and design ideas, but the initial setup price will go up accordingly.

  • Will my site match my businesses colours?

    Yep. As part of the customisation process, we will change the colours of the site to match your corporate colours and add your logo too.

    We'll also add in all the business details, like address, phone, opening hours, etc.

  • How do I edit/add content?

    It's easy. You just log in, and every editable section on the site has a little edit icon next to it, you just click it, and a text editor window opens with the current content in it.

    You then edit it as if editing a Word document, click save, and you're done, you've just edited, or added some new content.

    If you scroll back up this page, you'll see our "how-to" videos.

  • Why do you charge for content support?

    General support for your WorkShop WebSite is free. We'll maintain it, keep the code up to date and make sure it's ticking along nicely, all within your monthly subscription. If though you need some help with your content, we have to charge you.

    The hourly rate at the moment is £25 plus VAT.

    What do we mean by "content support"?

    Say you're adding a picture to your about page, but no matter how you do it, it just isn't looking the way you hoped. We can do it for you as content support.

    Or say you want to update your service packages and prices, but don't have the time to do it yourself. We can do it for you as content support.

    We can bill you for content support after every full hour is used, or you can pre-purchase a chunk of time, then use it as you want.

  • What about hosting and emails and things?

    Don't worry; we do it all. We will get your new site uploaded on our servers; we'll set up any email addresses you want, we'll do all the database configuration stuff, the backups organised and the front door polished.

    And if you don't yet have a domain name, we'll supply that too.

    Once it's all ready to go, we'll hand you the login details and take you through your first update.

    And if you need help down the line, we're only an email away.

  • Can I expand the website?

    All our sites, no matter how they start, can be scaled up to whatever you want.

    We can add in a shopping cart, gallery, booking forms, many more pages, pretty much anything.

    If you want to convert it from a CMS to a managed site, we can do that too.

  • I'm in, what next?

    The first thing to do is get in touch for a chat. We need to make sure a WorkShop WebSite is right for you; we're not in the business of selling people the wrong thing!

    If we all agree that it's good for you, you first need to select a template and tell us about your colour scheme. We'll head off and start customising. Next, we'll need your company details and logo so we can incorporate them into the new site.

    The next step depends on which package you've selected. If your going Basic, we'll then get the site online and send you the login details, then it's up to you to get the content personalised.

    If you're on Standard you need to send us your content; we'll add it, and get the site live.

    If you're going for the Full package, we'll start asking you lots and lots and LOTS of questions; so we can get a feel for your business. We then write your content, add it to the site and get it all live.

    Then it's just a case of getting ready for the bikes to fix :-)


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